Put Pole Dance
in your Pocket!

A free social network that respects your privacy, online courses, groups classrooms, coaches and workshops, teachers and friends: the whole world of pole in a mobile app.

Put Pole Dance in your pocket!

A free social network that respects your privacy, online courses, groups classrooms, coaches and workshops, teachers and friends: the whole world of pole in a mobile app.

The pole dancers’ social network

Join the first social network dedicated to pole dance!

  • A space devoted to pole dancers to share your passion, discover new talents and meet up with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Exclusive content from FFD/POSA competitions.
  • Free courses and exclusive members-only promotions.
  • Free forever for all pole dancers!

A pole teacher in your pocket!

An educational method enabling continuous and secure progress, that has already trained thousands of students over the last ten years.

  • Over a thousand videos, hundreds of figures classified into nine levels, explained in detail, step by step.
  • Exercises for physical conditioning, warm-ups, recovery, relaxation and muscular strengthening adapted for each level.
  • Pole’s fundamentals and history, from its origins to the present day.
  • Level certifications and POSA teacher certificates online.
  • Coaches using live video for guidance and the personalized advice of Champions.

Who said that learning to excel and reinvent oneself wasn’t a team sport? What if we united around passion, pole, sport and art?

Join us!

Join the Pole Ambassadors’ network

Together, let’s create a network dedicated to Pole in all its forms, inclusive, caring and free from censorship. We believe in respecting each person’s differences, in education and in the promotion of a sport that brings us together.

We don’t sell your personal data, we sell courses, while the social network that brings us together remains free and open to everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pole Masterclass

What is Pole Masterclass?

Pole Masterclass is an e-learning platform for pole dance practitioners. It offers subscriptions giving access to the largest video library of pole dance figures available today, to online classes and to a social network dedicated to our common passion.

Pole Masterclass is first of all a mobile App, available for iPhone and Android, that features all the tools you need to exchange, share, learn and discover everything related to pole dance.

Pole Masterclass is also a website, which offers the same functionalities as the mobile application, and allows you to watch videos on a larger screen than the one on your phone.

Pole Masterclass is also a bot which will regularly send you personalized advice by email, based on the know-how of the team of teachers who run Pole Masterclass and of our ambassadors, who are among the greatest pole dance champions.

Pole Masterclass is above all a team of experienced pole dance teachers, gathered around Mariana Baum, to offer you personalized coaching sessions designed to guide you and help you overcome any difficulties you may encounter when facing a new figure in your training or during your practice.

Pole Masterclass is of course its ambassadors, internationally recognized pole champions, who will give you their advices and share their experience with you through courses and workshops produced by the platform and made available online over time.

Who is Pole Masterclass for?

If you are passionate about watching and practicing pole, you are in the right place. The teaching methodology of Pole Masterclass will ensure you a continuous and secure progression and allow you to master tricks that seem impossible today.

We offer you a unique way to support you as you work out, learn or review different pole tricks by detailing each one using a proven instructional approach and addressing each alternative. Through more than a thousand video clips explaining each movement step by step and teaching you the fundamentals you need to know, we ensure your progress is continuous and risk-free.

Pole Masterclass also offers professional training, for those who wish to teach to beginners, intermediate or advanced students. These courses are based on the Mariana Baum methodology which has trained hundreds of teachers and studio owners.

This teaching is carried out in the form of online courses and individualized coaching sessions, as well as group courses through video conferencing.

After an exam, they deliver a certification for teaching pole recognized internationally. Graduates can download a secure diploma, containing a unique QRcode that makes it easy to ensure its authenticity, and which testifies a teacher’s knowledge and level of practice.

Developed with the French Dance Federation and POSA, federal and international judge certifications for pole dance and pole sport will be offered on Pole Masterclass. They will make it possible to increase the number of judges essential to the development of our sport throughout the world.

By developing this judge’s training course through an interactive platform, we aim at bringing pole dance to the highest level and to support its development, so that everywhere in the world a large number of competitions and championships can take place under the best conditions.

This training will be available, by application only, by the end of 2021.

We offer two kinds of certifications.

The VISA pole dance, designed by the French Dance Federation and adopted internationally by POSA allows amateur practitioners to assess their level through a standardized exam. It consists of 9 levels, from initiation to competition, and allows the figures and teachings to be grouped in homogeneous groups to ensure continuous progression, as it is essential that the foundations are acquired before tackling the more complex figures of the next level in complete safety.

The professional teaching certificate delivered by Pole Masterclass is recognized in France by the French Dance Federation and internationally by the Pole Sports & Arts World Federation. It is designed to train pole dance teachers at three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. It is obtained by enrolling in a specific cursus, which includes online courses as well as a coaching program, and by completing the VISA pole dance exams with a complementary exam leading to an official certification.

Pole Masterclass is the result of a work on pole education initiated by Mariana Baum more than ten years ago. This teaching method has already trained hundreds of pole teachers, who teach in France and abroad, and through them has benefited tens of thousands of practitioners as well as several champions.

This teaching method takes the form, as of 2010, of a professional training course which extends over one year, now recognized by the FFD and POSA, and through which hundreds of pole and studio owners and teachers have been trained. It has been adapted for practitioners through a teaching method offered in many studios in France and elsewhere, as well as, since 2014, through educational DVDs.

In 2020, the eLearning project was launched in order to provide what no DVD or Youtube channel could offer: a true educational experience using modern eLearning tools, which you can carry around in your pocket and which will follow you wherever you need it: at home if you have installed a pole bar, in the studio where you practice, or on the way to it to better prepare your course and get the most out of it.

These courses are supported by a dedicated social network, which besides being a fun and practical resource for all pole enthusiasts, also offers classrooms for exchange between students and teachers, private coaching sessions and regular webinars for learning and sharing.

This teaching methodology and the certifications it delivers is recognized by the French Dance Federation and the Pole Sports & Arts World Federation and adopted by tens of thousands of practitioners worldwide.

Questions about the video course library

Figures are classified by type and by level, and each one is illustrated through several videos explaining and demonstrating them, a slow-motion movie to capture every detail, and alternatives to the basic figure. All in all, this amounts for thousands of videos that allow you to understand each movement in depth in order to master every aspect of it and to approach the following figures on a solid basis, which will secure your practice.

In addition to the figures, several hundred clips and many courses offer you to deepen everything that will allow you to perfect your pole practice, whether it is about body conditioning or recovery, or more theoretical and historical aspects of pole, in order to fully master this discipline.

Over time, this catalog will be supplemented by various workshops offered by our ambassadors, as well as multiple courses designed to support your pole practice with complementary exercises, and to perfect your body knowledge so that you can better master your own.

Each figure is explained through several video clips, with and without explanations, and with its variations, all accompanied by texts allowing you to understand all the nuances and breaking down each step of every movement.

Each figure is introduced with an overview of the movements to be mastered before starting a new figure, and a reminder of the safety points to keep in mind to practice it safely, in class or at home.

This teaching methodology makes Pole Masterclass the ideal companion for all practitioners, whether you want to review a figure on your mobile on the way to a class, practice at home or learn in front of your computer.

In the various courses offered by Pole Masterclass, you will find everything you need for a progressive and continuous proficiency of pole, be it complementary practices, body preparation or recovery, but also theoretical knowledge, both about the body and about the discipline, in order to understand every aspect of it.

We have taken special care in the production of the video clips that support the teaching method offered by Pole Masterclass. Everything is shot in 4k from several angles and edited to show the details that will allow you to understand each step of a figure. We have also made sure to use high quality professional microphones in order to offer you a perfect sound for these course materials.

Subscription Questions

Access to the social network is completely free, simply register, only the classrooms and courses are available only to subscribed students. The archives of the French FFD/POSA competition are also available for free, as are some courses open to all.

Subscribers have access to the entire figure library of all levels, as well as to numerous courses offering complementary exercises to pole practice (warm-ups, cool-down, etc.), and to general culture courses on pole and its History.

Subscribers also have access to classrooms and webinars where they can interact with teachers and industry leaders who come to teach or share their experiences.

Subscribers can also benefit from personalized coaching when they encounter a challenge with a trick, where they can videotape themselves practicing and talk with a teacher who will show them how to successfully overcome a difficulty.

Subscribers can also certify their practice level using the VISA pole dance, an internationally recognized certification that can be obtained online at Pole Masterclass.

All subscribers can switch at any time from monthly to annual billing or any other subscription and benefit from a preferential rate by accessing this option directly from their account dashboard. Note that changes take effect at the end of the current billing period.

Of course, you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time from your profile dashboard. Changes take effect on your next renewal date.

Pole Masterclass courses and teaching methodology are recognized by the French Dance Federation and the Pole Sports & Arts World Federation.

Personal data

We strictly respect your personal data and comply with the GDPR and other European privacy laws. Personal data are never given or transmitted to a third party, all their processing takes place exclusively on the secure server of Pole Masterclass.

Who are we?

This site is published by Yelloo Mymoov eLearning SAS, a company under French law located in Paris, at 111 rue de Montreuil, 75011 Paris.