The Pole Dance VISA

The Pole Dance Visa is a joint initiative of the Pole Sport & Art World Federation and the French Dance Federation.

Inspired by belts in martial arts

This system allows students to assess their practice level and gives the opportunity to organize classes by level: the learning path is clear, and progress is measurable over time.

A ranking system

Initiation (white), Beginner 1 (beige), Beginner 2 (yellow), Intermediate 1 (orange), Intermediate 2 (green), Intermediate 3 (purple), Advanced 1 (blue), Advanced 2 (red), Advanced 3 (black) and Competition (stars)

To structure the teaching of the discipline at an international scale.

Internationally recognized, the Visa Pole Dance allows practitioners to evaluate their practice level and to create homogeneous groups of students in each classroom.

This has many advantages.

For teachers, it allows them to provide better supervision, it is easier to teach a group of students of a similar level, and to coach a student whose level of practice is precisely determined.

It is an educational tool that enables us to offer students individual follow-up and personalized support.

Supporting students through their practice

To receive a Pole Dance VISA level assessment, you must take an exam in a school or studio with a POSA certified teacher or you can take it online at Pole Masterclass.

Certify your level

Choose the level of practice you wish to certify, and film yourself doing the figures that make up the passing exam. It’s as simple as that.

Available soon